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About Us
Established in July 2003, Media Satu Group is one of Indonesia's most dynamic media group with an integrated strategy that incorporates all aspect of publishing. Media Satu Group does everything from concept, content, sales and distribution. Based in Jakarta, Media Satu Group is committed to producing high quality publications and providing reliable communication services for its clients.

Media Satu Group media brands reach well over 250,000 people in the region, each and every month. Media Satu Group is the leading publisher of magazines on lifestyle issues and consumer information, as well as an innovative, effective advertising and promotional outlet for your products.

As of today, we have a portfolio of 9 special-interest magazines, 4 websites, a growing number of events and an expanding customer publishing business.

At heart, we're a publishing business, but not just any publishing business. Integrating new media with magazine publishing, our brands capture the excitement of the fast-moving sectors in which they operate, providing a direct line of communication to a wide audience when they are at their most engaged.

Our Top-Brand Magazines are :

  1. Area : The Jakarta City Guide Magazine
  2. Juice : The Leading Nightlife Magazine
  3. Ultimate : Sogo Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine
  4. Clear : Citibank Clear Card Magazine
  5. Music : Java Jazz Festival Music Magazine
  6. Top Gear : The Leading Automotive Magazine
  7. Holcim&Anda : Holcim Corporate Magazine
  8. PermataInfo : Bank Permata Corporate Magazine
  9. Astro : Astro Channel Guide Magazine

Our Growing Websites are :

  1. mediasatu.com
  2. areamagz.com
  3. urban-kitchen.net
  4. clearafterhours.com

In addition to our own magazines, websites and events, we also take pride in our printing & publishing services. We can provide branded magazines and online publishing services to your enterprise. Drawing on our unrivalled magazine expertise, industry resources and market knowledge, Media Satu Group's experienced team delivers innovative, cross-channel branded content via customer magazines, direct marketing, email newsletters, websites, and even mobile and WAP. We also provide targeted distribution that draws from Media Satu Group's global network. We can even supply specific content from our own magazines.

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